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Incorporation and New Business Advisor Services

Berman Group, an Indianapolis CPA firm, will work with new and developing small businesses throughout the Indianapolis metro area to help simplify business formation and incorporation procedures.

incorporation services Free Guidance & Name Check
We provide free guidance on selecting the correct entity and then checking if the name you choose is available.

Corporation, LLC or Partnership?
We have extensive experience to help you determine the best possible business structure for your specific circumstances whether it be a corporation, LLC, partnership or sole proprietorship. Read More

Minimizing Taxes Using Your Company
It is one thing to utilize the best tax structure for your company, it's entirely another to harness and manage the tax benefits to your advantage. Our ongoing services will assure that you accomplish this by having the lowest possible tax exposure while guiding you on how to best take distributions from your company.

Opening Bank Accounts
Our relationships with multiple banking institutions affords our clients the ability to efficiently open bank accounts, even under strict banking guidelines.

Payroll / Health Insurance / Benefits
The rules for payroll and social security are daunting. We will guide you on how to properly set up payroll and meet all payroll related compliance matters for both the IRS and State. In addition, we will guide you on your options surrounding health insurance, retirement and fringe benefits.

We offer a FREE initial consultation to Indianapolis business owners. Email us today or call us at 317-571-8490 and ask for Brad Berman.